To streamline the process of managing reimbursement from insurance companies for prescriptions covered by WC and MV insurance policies.  The current situation places an unnecessary burden on the customer or pharmacy.  Unique software reduces this burden, saving time and expense.


Zephyr Claims is committed to streamlining the process to the benefit of all concerned.  We are also keen to work with both pharmacies and insurance companies to achieve even more improvements.

Zephyr Online

This unique system requires no capital investment by client pharmacies.  Data input, through a secure private portal, allows online processing and recording with tailored reports available to each pharmacy.  This system is totally independent to any in-house pharmacy systems.


Take advantage of Zephyr Claim’s online reporting system.  Know what stage your claims have reached and how much they are worth.  Zephyr Claims operates transparently allowing its clients to benefit from its systems whilst maintaining control over its data.

About Zephyr Claims

Zephyr Claims was developed by a pharmacist, for pharmacists.  It fills the gap between patients, pharmacies and insurance companies and leaves the stress of claiming to them.

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