About us

Glenn Angel – Director:

I am qualified and practicing Pharmacist.  After completing a Bachelor of Science (UWA) and Master of Pharmacy (Murdoch University) I worked in retail pharmacies and became aware of the lack of innovation and support from the IT sector.

Through my IT skills, I have developed a number of software applications for the industry, since early 2015.  My initial program was a processing system for my pharmacy’s Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicle claim prescriptions.  The creation of this software led to the final development and launch of Zephyr Claims in August 2016

I pride myself on being trustworthy, with a high level of integrity. My aim is to assist the industry by achieving increased efficiency in processing these claims thus allowing pharmacies to spend more time attending to patient needs.


Company Overview:

Zephyr Claims receives details of prescriptions that have been dispensed by a pharmacy and which relate to valid Workers’ Compensation or Motor Vehicle claims.

The strengths of Zephyr Claims are not just the quality and dedication of its employees but also its Zephyr Online Portal.

This Portal allows chemists to securely enter their prescription data online resulting in instant processing.  This data can be interrogated at any time in a variety of customisable reports.

Client pharmacies will be able to attract more ‘insurance-related’ customers and provide them with an improved service leading to improved customer retention.  Better yet, expect a fast, efficient service that lets you do what you do best, help the patient.

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